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Resonated Metallophone

Engaging Outdoor Musical Experiences

Resonated Metallophones send peaceful and playful soprano sounds throughout your area. This instrument's beautiful music is achieved with its 11 professionally tuned aluminum keys (C major pentatonic scale). Featuring safety-minded, attached mallets and sturdy recycled plastic legs, it offers the versatility of being a permanent outdoor installation or a free-standing addition to your Music and Movement Area.

Assembly is required and permanent installation is optional.

In-Ground 26" L x 25" W x 36" H (Height preference can be selected during installation)
Free-Standing, Short 26" L x 25" W x 22" H
Free-Standing, Tall 26" L x 25" W x 32" H

Please allow up to 4 weeks to ship.

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Item # Price Item Qty.
6941 $2,495.00 Resonated Metallophone, In-Ground
6942 $2,495.00 Resonated Metallophone, Free-Standing, Short
6943 $2,495.00 Resonated Metallophone, Free-Standing, Tall
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