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Barkless Tree Blocks

Provide engaging experiences with organic shapes

Barkless Tree Blocks help children appreciate the beauty of nature as they build with these interesting, organic shapes. These blocks are organically shaped and smooth to the touch. Made in Vietnam from the discards of sustainably managed paper forests, Barkless Tree Blocks feature a variety of wood types, including cinnamon and lychee, thinly coated with non-toxic linseed oil.

To support successful building and early mathematical learning, these blocks are precision-cut in 2 cm increments. Barkless Tree Blocks can also be used indoors to bring natural elements inside. Please store in a dry outdoor storage unit or indoors.

Item # Price Item Qty.
5550 $28.00 Barkless Tree Blocks, set of 21
3935 $49.00 Barkless Tree Blocks, set of 36
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