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Portable Metallophone

Play, Dance and Sing

Portable Metallophones are wonderfully soothing and versatile instruments harmonized to the C major or G major pentatonic scale. Constructed of lacquered tarnish/stain-proof metal keys with a sturdy, hard-plastic frame, children of all ages can experiment with volume, tone and rhythm as nature inspires them to create. Instrument includes one (1) pair of #6881 Portable Metallophone Mallets.

Please note: While this is a great indoor/outdoor instrument, it is meant to be stored indoors or in a water-tight storage unit.

C major (shown right): 15 ½" L x 17" W x 3" Dia.
G major (has 8 keys): 12" L x 15 ½" W x 3 ½" Dia.

Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship.

Take a Listen: C Major | G Major

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Item # Price Item Qty.
6880 $319.00 Portable Metallophone, C major
6940 $229.00 Portable Metallophone, G major
6881 $25.00 Portable Metallophone Mallets, pair
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