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Tree Cookie Flooring

Connections with Nature from the Ground Up

Tree Cookie Flooring will enhance the natural feel of your outdoor classroom as well as provide children a flat, level place to gather, play and build. Tree Cookies have been dried for durability and stability. Made of untreated redcedar, each set covers approximately 10 sq. ft.

Permanent installation is required. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: 2 ½" W x 8–12" Dia.


Tree Cookies are usually 8–9" in diameter, but can be up to 12", therefore, the coverage area can vary widely between 9 and 19 sq. ft. depending on the size and shape of the cookies, shape of the area, and size of your joints (the spacing between each cookie). Typically, we assume one set will cover 10 sq. ft. You always want to have too many rather than too few to ensure the space is well covered. Extras can be used in your Messy Materials Area.

Formula: Area/10 = # of Sets of Tree Cookie Flooring

Example: 156 sq. ft./10 = 15.6 Sets of Tree Cookie Flooring (Order 16 sets)

Additional materials (not included) are needed for proper installation including:
1. Unfiltered Limestone or similar sub-straight for drainage (use a depth of 6–10")
2. Concrete Sand (use a depth of 1.5")
3. Polymeric Sand Mix (Nature Explore uses Techniseal HP Polymeric Sand. One 50lb bag covers roughly 10 sq. ft.)

Please see the complete installation instructions below for more details.

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Item # Price Item Qty.
3902 $169.00 Tree Cookie Flooring, set of 16
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