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Bamboo Fencing

Provide a natural-looking barrier to your outdoor areas

Natural Fencing can be used to divide spaces, create shade, soften the overall aesthetic of an area or hide an existing chain-link fence.

Made from vertical sticks of bamboo and tied together with galvanized steel wire. Made in China.

Short 13' L x 3'3" H
Tall 13'L x 5' H

Natural Fencing is not a free-standing fence and must be framed or supported. However, it is easily tied to an existing chain-link fence or to a simple metal, wooden or PVC frame (not included).

Please allow up to 4 weeks to ship.

Item # Price Item Qty.
5563 $89.00 Bamboo Fencing - Short
6898 $159.00 Bamboo Fencing - Short, set of 2
5564 $99.00 Bamboo Fencing - Tall
6899 $179.00 Bamboo Fencing - Tall, set of 2
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