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ABC Blocks

Encouraging Building Skills and Literacy Development

Simple and Detailed ABC Blocks encourage literacy-learning and visual-spatial skill development at the same time. Each set of 16 blocks is crafted out of solid, unfinished maple. These laser-engraved blocks are available with or without a storage tray.

The Detailed ABC Blocks are not only beautiful, but each one features an object engraved in the background that begins with a certain letter (A for apple, S for snowflake, etc.)

Dimensions: 1 ¾" Sq.

Item 5227 and 5228 Detailed ABC Block sets in limited quantity, order today.

Item # Price Item Qty.
5229 $25.00 Simple ABC Blocks, set of 16
5230 $35.00 Simple ABC Blocks w/ tray, set of 16
5227 $99.00 Detailed ABC Blocks, set of 16
5228 $109.00 Detailed ABC Blocks w/ tray, set of 16
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