Christopher Ewing, Poet

In 2009, Christopher Ewing sent us the following poem.

the Key

i was around when you were born
i watched over you as you played
you would climb on my arms
so happy and free

but as you grew, what happened i don’t know
you would use me and cut me down
making things fit your need
i would attempt to come back
but you ‘d make sure i wasn’t around

i have tried to comfort you
give you shelter
give you peace
but as you grew older
you seemed to forget the reason i am here

strange that you ask now
who are you
i thought when you were young
you already knew

that I am the Key
I am the Key that will help your life
I am the Key that will give you food
I am the Key that will give you shelter
but yet, you still ask, who are you..

I am the Key….

I am the Tree

Written by © Christopher Ewing July 29, 2009

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