Chapter I: The Value of Florida’s State Forests

Explore the Wild in Florida’s State Forests

Discover Diversity Just Minutes Away from Civilization

Hooded Pitcher Plant
The hooded pitcher plant uses slippery liquid as it lures unsuspecting insects into a cupped area, called the pitfall trap, ultimately consuming the small creatures.

The majesty of splendid trees; the drama of carnivorous plants; the interconnectedness of an ecosystem - all this lies in the state forests of Florida. Across the state’s 36 state forests - some 800,000 acres of natural beauty in all - exist fascinating examples of plant and animal communities, diverse soil composition, and rare species that rely upon this complex bionetwork for their survival.

Within minutes of densely populated metropolitan areas, these communities serve many purposes for the public year-round. In open space, visitors encounter a recreational haven filled with hiking, bicycling and horseback-riding trails. Scenic panoramas also furnish pleasant picnicking sites and opportunities for viewing the diverse wildlife.

Photography provided courtesy of Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Forestry and the Friends of Florida State Forests.

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