Chapter II: Critical Need

Nature Needs Human Support

The Role of Meticulous Planning in Nature’s Midst

Fire Salvage Harvest
In addition to loss of plant and animal life, fires create demanding work in preparation for replanting.

When fragile life forms hang in the balance, it isn’t always possible to wait for nature. Although natural reforestation will eventually restore trees to a fire-afflicted region, often the resulting blend doesn’t sustain every organism that previously relied on it for survival. Managed reforestation is a logical solution to this challenge.

Fires aren’t the only threat to naturally existing ecosystems. Often, scrub grows so prolifically that it chokes out chances for other trees’ natural regeneration. In recent years newly introduced tree species have begun overtaking natural growth in Florida. Forest management relies upon trained professionals to balance removal of old growth with planting healthy, preferred types for that region’s wildlife.

Systematically assisting nature in repairing damage and maintaining a healthy, natural balance is vital to a healthy forest. Replanting burned patches with different varieties of native tree stock or thinning overgrown areas helps maintain the delicate equilibrium essential to all the lives that share these spaces.

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