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So many of the activities that children are involved in today are structured. The unstructured time connecting with nature needs the character of a natural looking and feeling outdoor classroom. These materials help you make this space very different from other structured areas. Creating an ideal natural space can also include planting trees, shrubs, flowers, butterfly gardens, and pizza gardens.

Learning With Nature Idea Book Growing With Nature Keeping It Growing Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature Educator Resource DVDs Young Children's Authentic Play in a Nature Explore Classroom Supports Foundational Learning At Home With Nature Nature Explore Families' Club Supporting Parent Engagement in Children's Learning Outdoors Gardening with Young Children: Second Edition of Hollyhocks and Honeybees Last Child in the Woods The Organic Lawn Care Manual Gaia's Garden Inspiring Spaces for Young Children Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms Nature and Young Children Breath of Invocation CD Reflections Journal