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Tree House Platform Posts and Rails

Add fun and provide safety to any platform or stage

Tree House Platform Posts and Rails, made of hand-peeled Ponderosa Pine, function as a safety element for low, natural Tree Houses. Children can anchor their Tree House Fabric to these Posts and Rails to create and construct ever-changing rooms using their visual-spatial skills.

Please note: If using Posts and Rails to construct a Tree House, additional materials will be needed (see Building Plans for more details).

Post (Vertical) 6' L x 4" Dia.
Rail (Horizontal) 6' L x 3" Dia.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Item # Price Item Qty.
3945 $69.00 Post, individual
3944 $59.00 Rail, individual
3947 $149.00 2 Posts & 1 Rail, set
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