Excerpt From Car 006 Responding

Dorothy May Mercer, a loyal Arbor Day Foundation member, recently included a warm mention of our rain-forest saving coffee in her novel Car 006 Responding.

Thanks, Dorothy, for drinking Arbor Day Coffee and helping to save the earth’s precious rain forests with every cup.

Read an excerpt from the book, below:

Mike poured his first cup of black coffee, an extravagance he allowed himself. He ordered a special charity brand through the Arbor Day Foundation. The purchases support poor women of Central and South America who are growing the coffee in the shade of the rain forests. Mike’s purchase helped preserve the rain forest, as well, because there was no need to cut down the forest in order to grow this coffee. Mike’s first cup of the day tasted especially mild and delicious. He quickly downed that and poured another, awake enough, now, to face his morning routine.

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