Larry Hobart — A Life of Poetic Thoughts and Good Deeds

Poet Larry Hobart

Foundation member Larry Hobart is a gentle man, a philosopher and a poet. He also has a passion for life and making a difference in the world. “I try to write a poem every day and the subject is what I see happening around me,” he told us. A passage from his poem, A Day at Lied Lodge, captures one of his visits to Arbor Day Farm: Walk the trails before you, Take part in all to do. When your adventure is over, You will be amazed at what it has done for you. And here is one from O2 Source that speaks to his appreciation of planting trees: Know the joy of help, The world to be a better place. Put a shovel in the ground, Leave a tree your family can trace.

“I like the fact that trees help everybody… the fortunate and the less fortunate. That’s why I make gifts and have a charitable annuity with the Arbor Day Foundation,” says Larry. “I read stories in the papers and magazines that the one thing that’s doing the most good is trees, and we’re losing a lot (of them) around the world. It’s clear to me that folks at Arbor Day are making an impact. They’re careful with their money and they’re planting lots and lots of trees.

“When I stop and think about it, I’ve been very lucky in life and I’m glad I’m able to do good deeds like helping to plant trees. It’s important to me to have made a difference and leave a legacy,” says Larry. These feelings are conveyed in these lines from his poem, Come Join Me: All of men’s other special interests, Really help only a few. When you plant or save a tree, The benefits immediately come back to you.

Come Join Me

So you wonder why I contribute
To the Arbor Day Foundation
It is planting trees by the millions
In America and many other nations.

Draw up a list of priorities
Needed for the life of man
The top three are food, water and air
Other items are also rans.

A month without food, maybe a little less
No water for a week would create quite a stress
Without air that circulates night and day
You would be gasping in five minutes or less.

If you would study science
And read your health care books besides
You’ll learn the main source of oxygen
Is what trees provide.

All of mans other special interests
Really help only a few
When you plant or save a tree
The benefits come immediately back to you.

Every animal and person
Living on your earths face
Will suck in some of the oxygen
Your donated trees replaced.

Don’t wait until tomorrow
Or the day after you die
Do this intelligent act of donating
Now — now that you know why.

Dec. 17,07
Larry Hobart

A Day at Lied Lodge

Stairsteps in the woodland
Lead you away from strain and grief
They open up a vista
You may thing is beyond belief.

There is a place for grandpa
The little tikes and all between
Why go away to Africa
When here wildlife can be seen.

If you keep your wits about you
You can get up real close
And see all the birds and animals
That are acting as your host.

Walk the trails before you
Take part in all to do
When your adventure is over
You will be amazed at what it has done for you.

Pick an apple in the orchard
Harvest a pumpkin from the patch
Reap in a memory
That will last and last.

April 5,07
Larry Hobart

O2 Source

Eat an apple a day
They are good for you
It will make for a longer life
It wouldn’t hurt to eat two.

Plant a tree a day
Harvest oxygen so you can breath
In case you didn’t know
It comes mostly from the trees.

Play air doctor
Help to scrub it clean
Plant a grove of trees
So they can do their thing.

Know the joy of helping
The world to be a better place
Put a shovel in the ground
Leave a tree your family can trace.

Give yourself the knowledge
You had the pleasure of giving
To help purify the air
So you can keep on living.

Nov. 1,07
Larry Hobart