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How to Plant Trees to Conserve Energy

Winter Windbreak

Planting the right trees in the right places conserves energy and reduces your energy bills, while helping to fight climate change. See how properly placed trees save energy by providing summer shade, winter warmth, and winter windbreaks.

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Winter Windbreak

Conifer trees planted near your home will help block winter winds and reduce heating costs.

Planting a row of conifer trees on the north and northwest sides of your property creates a wall against cold winter winds—saving your heating costs by up to 30%. Once again…

  • you use less energy
  • the utility company uses less energy
  • less fossil fuel is consumed by the utility to create the energy
  • less fossil fuel consumption means less carbon dioxide emissions

The best protection from wind occurs when the windbreak is no more than the distance of one or two tree heights from the house.

The down-wind side of the trees is where the most snow accumulates, so plant your windbreak a one or two tree-height distance from your rooftop and driveway if you can.