Member Creations

Occasionally, a member will send us something he or she has created, and we like it so much that we have to share it with everyone else.

All written and recorded work displayed on this site are the property of their respective authors. Please do not reproduce anything you see on these pages without express written permission from the author. Feel free to link to this site.

  • Chloé M. at Birmingham Covington School created this nice video report about Deforestation.
  • Drawings by Joan Lickteig

    Joan Lickteig sent us a photo of several tree drawings by her father, Sam, whose favorite thing to draw is trees. Click the photo to enlarge the image.

  • Dorothy May Mercer, a loyal Arbor Day Foundation member, recently included a warm mention of our rain-forest saving coffee in her novel Car 006 Responding. Thanks, Dorothy, for drinking Arbor Day Coffee and helping to save the earth’s precious rain forests with every cup.

    Read the passage in Dorothy’s book.

  • If your browser supports MP3 or OGG playback, you can stream this song. Otherwise, you’ll just have to download it.

    Songwriter Nate Warner shared this fun and clever song, “Arbor Day”, about the tree-planters’ holiday in the winter of 2010.

    Download “Arbor Day” by Nate Warner (MP3, 1.62 MB).

  • Master storyteller John Shors wrote a book called The Wishing Trees. Shors is donating a portion of the proceeds to the Arbor Day Foundation, and hopes his novel “inspires readers to go out and plant their own ‘wish tree.’”

  • In 2009:

  • Larry Hobart is a philosopher and poet who has written several poems about the Arbor Day Foundation and the wonder of trees.

  • Several of our members have written tree poetry. Read Cutting Trees, Maple, Taking Down the Locust, and more.

  • If your browser supports MP3 or OGG playback, you can stream this song. Otherwise, you’ll just have to download it.

    In 2008 Linda Beck shared with us a song she wrote called “Peace Tree” (MP3, 6.65 MB).

  • In 2008 Treeless Squirrel showed us a video of a world without trees.

  • Ann Magnolia Blossom

    Several of our members have given us beautiful photos of their trees for use in our Tree Guide and Tree Store, such as this Ann Magnolia blossom photo by Michelle Elise Peterson. You can see more in the list at the bottom of our submission guidelines page.

  • In 2007, Sharif Ezzat created an animation explaining the benefits of trees. The video was featured in the 50th San Fransisco International Film Festival.