Hazelnuts as Food

Hazelnuts are one of the world’s most popular nuts. With their great taste, high protein content, high amount of essential vitamins and flavorful cooking oil more and more chefs are adding hazelnuts to their menu.

Types of Food

Hazelnuts are tasty nuts that are high in protein and a number of essential vitamins. They are currently used in a number of different ways.

  • Roasted.
  • Blanched.
  • Minced.
  • Sliced.
  • Powdered.
  • Pureed.
  • Chocolate ingredient.
  • Biscuit ingredient.
  • Confectionary product.
  • Ice cream ingredient.
  • Fish and meat ingredient.
  • Salad ingredient.

Hazelnuts have not yet met their full potential of products and, in mass production, they could be a main component of a healthy diet. Many of the top chefs are choosing to include hazelnuts in more and more recipes and dishes because of their excellent flavor and health value.