Growth Award Eligibility

Growth Award


Your community may be eligible for the Tree City USA Growth Award if it is a Tree City USA for at least the second consecutive year and has spent at least as much on its community forestry program this year as it did last year.

If your community qualifies, you will receive Tree City USA Growth Award banner stickers for your community entrance signs, a plaque, and appropriate local and national recognition. In subsequent qualifying years the community receives additions to the award plaque and signs denoting the year.

Application Procedures

Review the Eligible Activities listed under Categories A, B, C, and D. If your community has completed activities during the year which total 10 or more points, you may apply for a Growth Award. Note: Your program may already have accomplished many of these activities; however, only those completed in the past year are eligible.

Call (402) 474-5655 to request application materials. Provide the requested information and mail to your state forester with the appropriate documentation attached to the form with a single staple in the upper left-hand corner. Include a cover sheet for the documentation for each Eligible Activity indicating the activity name and number. The completed application with required documentation must be submitted to your state forester by December 31.

Your Growth Award application must be sent to your state forester with your Tree City USA Application for Recertification. Your community is eligible to apply for this award each year it completes eligible activities totaling 10 or more points from the four categories listed below.

  1. Category A: Education and Public Relations
  2. Category B: Partnerships
  3. Category C: Planning and Management
  4. Category D: Tree Planting and Maintenance

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