Everbearing Red Raspberry Bush: Planting, Care, Pruning and Harvesting Instructions

raspberry bush

Everbearing red raspberries are self-pollinating and have two crops, which make them a favorite for the home garden, as well as commercially.

Heritage Everbearing Raspberry is picked by gardeners for its flavor, firmness, and large fruit size. This bush has two harvest seasons with a moderate yield in July and heavy yield in September until frost. Preferred uses include extra-sweet, juicy fruit that is good fresh, canned or frozen.

September Everbearing Raspberry is one of the most popular home and commercial cultivars. It produces crops in two seasons, with a light crop in June followed by a heavy crop in September. The berries are medium-size, tart, juicy, rose-red raspberries with small seeds. Preferred uses include fresh eating, frozen, and in preserves and pies.

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Raspberry Bush Planting Instructions

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