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Grape, Concord Vitis labrusca 'Concord'

Concord Grape Vine - Vitis labrusca 'Concord'
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Concord grape is the traditional grape to make grape jelly and juice. It is also used as a table grape and for wine. The vines produce large clusters of medium-sized, slipskin, blue-black berries. Flesh is green, pulpy and seeded. Concord grape is self pollinating and ripens in mid-September. A strong, hardy, vine that grows to 5-6 feet. Plant vines 6-8 feet apart on a strong trellis, fence or arbor. Shipped as 1-year-old, #1 bareroot vines 6-12 inches tall. (zones 5–9)

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Zones 5 - 9 Zones 5 - 9
Hardiness Zones 5 - 9
The Concord Grape can be expected to grow in the zones shown in color in the zone map. View Map
Fruit Tree Fruit Tree
Type of tree
Fruit Trees
5' - 6' High 5' - 6' High
Mature Height
The Concord Grape grows to be 5' - 6' feet in height.
8' - 10' Spread 8' - 10' Spread
Mature Spread
The Concord Grape has a spread of about 8' - 10' at full maturity.
Medium Growth Medium Growth
Growth Rate
This tree grows at a medium growth rate. More about this.
Full Sun Full Sun
This grape does well in full sun.
Various Soils Various Soils

Wide Range

Prostrate Shape Prostrate Shape
This grape has prostrate shape.

Prefers a deep, acidic (pH 5.0-6.5), well drained, sandy soil, but they tolerate a wide range of soil types except alkaline and wet. Shipped as 1-year-old, #1 bareroot vines 6- 12 inches tall. (zones 5–9)

Chill hours (CU) requirement: 100. (Chill hours are the average hours of air temperature between 32 and 45 degrees F in a typical winter season). For best fruit production, calculate the chill unit (CU) for your growing zone to be sure it aligns with the CU requirement of this tree.


Concord grape is the quality standard for blue-black grapes used for juice, preserves, table, or wine. The vine produces large clusters of medium-sized, glossy, slipskin, blue-black grapes. The flesh is green, pulpy and seeded. Concord grapes ripen in mid-September. A vigorous, hardy, self-fertile vine. Grows 5 to 6 Feet (zones 5–9). Can't Ship AK, AZ, ID, NY, OR, WA.

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